About Car-Sharing

Car Sharing is a revolution in urban transportation - access to a car when you need it,
without the cost, hassles and pollution of ownership.

  • Affordable - Cheaper than owning if you don't commute
  • Convenient - 24 hours-a-day, phone & Internet
  • Simple - Self-serve access with smartcard or key
  • Hassle-free - No more insurance or repair bills
  • Enviro-Smart - Reduce your pollution by over 50%

Join a Car Sharing service and you will have 24-hour, self-serve access to a fleet of vehicles parked in your neighbourhood - and across the city. Reserve by internet or phone, and pay by the hour when you drive. You'll save $1,000's over owning - and reduce pollution.

As Henry Ford's great-grandson, Bill Ford Jr. (Chair, Ford Motor Co.) said recently, "If you live in a city, you don't need to own a car."

There are now Car Sharing companies in most of Canada's larger cities, providing service to over 50,000 individuals, families and companies. Car Sharing Canada invites you to connect with a car sharing company near you.