Your KeyCard will unlock the doors of the vehicle you reserved when held to the Checkpoint reader located on the driver’s side of the windshield. The vehicle keys will be tethered around the ignition area of the vehicle.

During your reservation you will lock and unlock the vehicle using your KeyCard, always leaving the car keys inside the vehicle. When you are finished, simply use your KeyCard to lock the vehicle once you exit. You’re done!

At the start of your reservation, find the checkpoint reader located on the driver’s side of the windshield and hold your KeyCard against it for a few seconds. The checkpoint lights will flash green and car doors will open with a beep. You have now been successfully logged-in and are ready to start your reservation.

The car will not accept your KeyCard before your official reservation start time.



The ComUnit (Communication Unit), located on the windshield, will display details about, and help you adjust your reservation.

Vehicle keys are tethered around the ignition area inside the car.

You are ready to start the car and drive.

If you leave the vehicle during your reservation, you must use your KeyCard and not the vehicle remote/buttons/keys to lock the doors. When you return, present your card at the checkpoint reader to log back in and continue with your reservation.



During a reservation, if the car is left with the ignition turned off for a prolonged period of time, it will automatically log you out. The vehicle will be immobilized and require a log in before it can be driven again. The ComUnit will reflect this by asking you to “Please log in at the checkpoint”. Present your KeyCard again to log in and continue your reservation, which you can also do from inside the vehicle. Note that the automatic logout does not lock the vehicle doors.


When finished, please ensure that you remove the keys from the ignition. exit the vehicle and present your KeyCard at the checkpoint. The lights will flash green and car doors will lock. You have now been logged out and our system will record the vehicle as returned.



Please note:

  • A laminated version of this guide section will be available in the car door pockets.
  • Changes can only be made if the vehicle is safely stopped and the ignition is turned off.
  • Changes can only be made provided the vehicle is available to be booked.
  • If you make any errors, you can use the “ESC” button to restart the process.
1. Begin Change
2. Choose Details to Adjust
3. Change Time/Date
Press the first arrow button titled “Res+, Res -” to begin changing your reservation details. Using the first and second arrow buttons, scroll to items in your reservations you wish to adjust. Using the keypad on the right, change the details of items selected in the previous step.
4. Send Changes
5. Transmission
6. Confirmation
Press the fourth arrow button titled “OK”. Changes will be transmitted to our system. A confirmation screen will be shown upon completion.