AutoShare would like to extend a free Personal AutoShare Membership for all City of Mississauga employees. This membership gives you access to over 300+ vehicles stationed across the GTA and provides you the benefits of having a car without the hassles of owning one.

If you wish to add a partner or spouse (associate driver) to your personal account, a $29 application fee will be charged to your credit card. The $100 membership fee is waived. To add another driver, please fill out BOTH pages in the application form. If you do not wish to have an associate driver, please only fill out page one.

Employees Already Registered as Drivers via Division Account

If you are already registered as an employee driver on a City of Mississauga Division Account, please apply below and follow the directions to obtain your free personal membership.

Apply for a Personal Membership

Once your application is approved, you will not be sent a new keycard. Your personal and business memberships will be linked on one account using the keycard you already have. Please note: the information you enter for your personal membership (phone number, email address and address) will be overrided with your business information.

Employees NOT Already Registered as Drivers

If you are not registered as an employee driver on a City of Mississauga Division Account, but would like to recieve a personal AutoShare membership, please apply below and follow the directions to obtain your membership.

Apply for a Personal MembershipOnce your application is approved, you will be sent a Welcome Package containing your keycard within 2-3 business days, providing you access to all vehicles in our fleet.

How AutoShare Works

AutoShare encourages City employees and people who work in the downtown core to reduce personal vehicle use. The City of Mississauga is committed to developing a transit-oriented city and building a vibrant, mixed-use and pedestrian friendly downtown core. This is Mississauga’s first City-supported Car Share Service.

Join today and see how wonderfully easy it is to start sharing.

For Your Personal Account

How Autoshare Works

  1. Join

    Join online and begin driving within days. It’s easy! All you need is a full class “G” or “G2” license, to be 21 years or older and have a desire to save money.

  2. Reserve 24/7

    As a member, you now have 24 hour, self-serve access to all vehicles stationed in Mississauga and Toronto. You can reserve a car for as little as an hour, or days at a time. To reserve your car, just go online, or call us any time, day or night. Reservations can also be made using Smart Phones with mobile data plans.

  3. Drive with Self-Serve Access

    Your car will be waiting at the location that you reserved. Your security access card will get you into the car and on your way in seconds. When you are done, just bring the car back to the same spot. Drive as often or as little as you like.

  4. Pay Monthly

    Your credit card will be charged on the day of your trip and any additional amounts or credits will be applied to your account at the end of our billing cycle, about the 10th of every month. Each month you will receive an itemized statement with the time and distance that you’ve driven, and will outline all the various charges and credits for the previous month. You’ll even get automatic discounts of up to 55% on longer trips. You are never charged for gas, insurance or maintenance.

Build an Insurance Record

AutoShare members are building an insurance record if they are using a personal account (similar to owning their own car). It could save you $1,000’s a year if you do have to buy a car down the road. Members are also covered by $1 million in third party liability coverage.

$0 Deductible

In the event of loss or damage to the AutoShare vehicle, the member’s liability for damage or loss will be limited to $750 per claim. Remember, you can be responsible to damage for ‘bad luck’ like having a rock hit the windshield or getting ‘hit and run’ in a parking lot.  AutoShare provides you with options to reduce your deductible to $0:

Members with eligible Canadian Gold or Platinum VISA cards can take advantage of the provided $0 Deductible Collision Damage Insurance.

  • AutoShare members with eligible Gold or Platinum Canadian MasterCards from Citi, CapitalONE, MBNA and Bank of Montreal Mosaik can take advantage of the provided $0 Deductible Collision Damage Insurance.
  • Pay a $65 annual fee to reduce your liability in the event of loss or damage to the AutoShare vehicle to $0.
  • For more information on your insurance deductible, please click here.

Rates & Costs

Plan suggestion based on trips made per month 1 or 2 3 + 3 +
Drive for $10.25/hr $9.25/hr $7.25/hr
First 150 km per trip / day 0¢/km 0¢/km 20¢/km
After 150 km per trip / day 25¢/km 25¢/km 20¢/km
Monthly Fee $0 $12 $12
Annual Fee $45 $0 $0
Automatic Discounts & Longer Trips
Max 24-hr Rate weekday $76 $70 $56
Max 24-hr Rate weekend $81 $75 $61
First 150 km 0¢/km 0¢/km 13¢/km
After 150 km 25¢/km 25¢/km 13¢/km
12am to 7am $4.50/hr $3.50/hr $1/hr
First 150 km per trip 0¢/km 0¢/km 20¢/km
After 150 km per trip 25¢/km 25¢/km 20¢/km
All plans include gas & insurance (based on average $1.20/litre).Additional drivers on the Simple plan pay $15/year.All Simple plan annual fees are waived for your first year.No booking fees on self-serve transactions – Call Centre $2.50.

Save by booking online

Internet reservations and changes to existing reservations are free of charge to all members. You can also use your Smart Phone to make a reservation, anywhere, anytime. Members who use our 24-hour call centre to book or change a reservation are charged a cost of $2.50.

Gas @ $1.20/litre

All AutoShare rates include the cost of gas, based on an average fuel cost of $1.20 / litre. To avoid constantly changing our rates simply due to fluctuations in the price of fuel, we add a small credit or surcharge to each kilometre travelled based on the average price paid by members for gas in that month (and our fleet’s average consumption of 10 litres/100km).


Fleet & Locations

Where are vehicles located?

AutoShare is Mississauga’s first City-supported Car Share Service. There are currently two self-serve, convenient locations in Mississauga’s City Centre.

  • Northwest corner of Living Arts Drive and Princess Royal Drive
  • Northwest corner of Burnamthorpe Drive and Duke of York Blvd.

The red circles indicate an AutoShare location and vehicle. To see the availability of a vehicle, simply log into the reservation site and make a reservation. Please click here to see all Toronto locations and vehicles.

Questions and Answers

Will AutoShare work for us?

AutoShare works well for departments who:

  • Have appointments/meetings throughout Mississauga and Toronto
  • Drive less than 12,000 km / year
  • Get reimbursed for kilometres
  • Spend money on taxis
  • Don’t want to drive their personal cars for business

How do our employees book vehicles (once on the account)?

Can we only book a vehicle during regular business hours?

How long in advance must I reserve a vehicle?

Do I have to go to the office to pick up/drop off a key every time I drive?

How often can I drive?

Can employees drive for personal trips?

What is the busiest time of the week?

How long am I allowed to have a vehicle?

And how many times a week can I use it?

Can I take it for longer trips?

Can I pick up a car from one place, and drop it at another?

Can I go out of Province with AutoShare?

Can I go to the USA with an AutoShare car?

Can someone who is not a member drive an AutoShare car?

How do I find an AutoShare vehicle?

How are fleet locations determined?

What kind of vehicles are in the fleet?

Automatic or stick-shift?

How about gas? Do I have to fill it after every use?

How do I get into an AutoShare vehicle?

How do I get the keys?

How does the insurance work?

Do employees build an Insurance Record?

How do we keep track of damage?

What if I get a ticket or towed?

What happens if I return a car late?

What If I have a problem to report?

What is “Exclusive Access”

How are the cars maintained?

Do I have to clean the cars?

Can I smoke in the car?

Can I use a car for work-related tasks?

Can my company join AutoShare?

What are your criteria for membership?

How much does it cost to join?

Can someone join with a Drivers License from another Country?

How do I join?

How long does it take to join?

Will a car be available every time?

Is AutoShare cheaper than renting a car?

How much money can we save by joining?

Do employees build an insurance record with AutoShare?

What are the benefits of Car Sharing?

Are there other car sharing organizations?

How much does insurance cost?

What does “Automatically Save on Long Trips” mean?

How do we pay?

What is “Pay-As-You-Drive”?

What other fees are involved?

How do I pay?

Can baby seats be used in the cars?

And what about bike racks?

Can I bring my pet in a car?