Personal Account – Live/Work in Mississauga

AutoShare would like to extend a $0 Personal Membership as well as a $30 driving credit to all people who live/work in Mississauga. Enjoy the benefits of having a car without the hassles of owning one.

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To start enjoying the convenience and savings of AutoShare, all you have to do is join!

The process is simple. Submit a Membership Application below. We’ll bill your credit card $29 + HST per driver – we will waive your 1st Year Simple Plan Fee ($45) and credit your account $30. The $29 application fee is non-refundable. You can join as an individual or as a couple in a household account. Just enter the promo code “Mississauga2015” in the promotion field.

AutoShare will contact you (usually within 2-3 business days of your application) to confirm your acceptance,

Once we have confirmed your acceptance, your Quick Start package will be mailed to you! Once you have your Quick Start package, you’ll be able to drive any AutoShare vehicle. Where will you go on your first trip?

Just enter the promo code “Mississauga2015” in the promotion field.


How AutoShare Works

Most Canadians live in cities. Many of us simply don’t drive enough to justify the expense and hassles of owning a car – yet still want the convenience of driving a car. More than 12,000 individual, business and government AutoShare Members now enjoy convenient, 24/7 access to Toronto’s most fuel efficient fleet of rental vehicles, at over 150 locations across Toronto. and now, in Mississauga.

AutoShare encourages Mississauga residents in the downtown core to reduce personal vehicle use. The City of Mississauga is committed to developing a transit-oriented city and building a vibrant, mixed-use and pedestrian friendly downtown core.

Join today and see how wonderfully easy it is to start sharing and how AutoShare is the smart alternative to owning a car.

For Your Personal Account


1.         Join

Join online and begin driving within days. It’s easy! All you need is a full class “G” license, to be 21 years or older and have a desire to save money.

2.        Reserve 24/7

As a Member, you now have 24 hour, self-serve access to all vehicles stationed in Mississauga and Toronto. You can reserve a car for as little as an hour, or days at a time. To reserve your car, just go online, or call us any time, day or night. Reservations can also be made using Smart Phones with mobile data plans.

3.        Drive with Self-Serve Access

Your car will be waiting at the location that you reserved. Your security access card will get you into the car and on your way in seconds. When you are done, just bring the car back to the same spot. Drive as often or as little as you like.

4.        Payments

Your credit card will be charged on the day of your trip and any additional amounts or credits will be applied to your account at the end of our billing cycle, about the 10th of every month. Each month you will receive an itemized statement with the time and distance that you’ve driven, and will outline all the various charges and credits for the previous month. You’ll even get automatic discounts of up to 55% on longer trips. You are never charged for gas, physical damage and liability protection or maintenance.

Build an Insurance Record

AutoShare Members are building an insurance record if they are using a personal account (similar to owning their own car). It could save you $1,000’s a year if you do have to buy a car down the road. Members are also covered by $2 million in third party liability coverage (that’s ten times the legal minimum, and the best in the car sharing business, because it feels good to be covered).

$0 Deductible

The Standard Deductible for damage to AutoShare vehicles is $750 (if the Member is deemed to be ‘at fault’). AutoShare provides you with options to reduce your deductible to $0.

Members with eligible Canadian Gold or Platinum VISA cards can take advantage of the provided $0 Deductible Collision Damage Insurance.

  • AutoShare Members with eligible Gold or Platinum Canadian MasterCards from Citi, CapitalONE, MBNA and Bank of Montreal Mosaik can take advantage of the provided $0 Deductible Collision Damage Insurance.
  • Members with a Scotiabank Amex (only Scotiabank Amex currently extends coverage to carsharing) can take advantage of the provided $0 Deductible Collision Damage Insurance.
    To enroll, please download the Scotiabank Amex Zero Deductible formand either mail or fax (416.340.0080) it back to us.
  • Pay a $65 annual fee to have your collision damage deductible reduced to $0.

Save by booking online

Internet reservations and changes to existing reservations are free of charge to all members. You can also use your Smart Phone to make a reservation, anywhere, anytime. Members who use our 24-hour call centre to book or change a reservation are charged a cost of $2.50.

Gas @ $1.20/litre

All AutoShare rates include the cost of gas, based on an average fuel cost of $1.20 / litre. To avoid constantly changing our rates simply due to fluctuations in the price of fuel, we add a small credit or surcharge to each kilometre travelled based on the average price paid by members for gas in that month (and our fleet’s average consumption of 10 litres/100km).


Fleet & Locations


Where are vehicles located?

AutoShare is Mississauga’s first City-supported Car Share Service. There are currently 3 vehicles at two self-serve, convenient locations in Mississauga’s downtown.

  • Northwest corner of Living Arts Drive and Princess Royal Drive
  • Northwest corner of Burnamthorpe Road West and Duke of York Blvd.
  • South east corner of Burnhamthorpe and Grand Park

The red circles indicate an AutoShare location and vehicle. To see the availability of a vehicle, simply log into the reservation site and make a reservation. Please click here to see all Toronto locations and vehicles.

Questions and Answers

How long in advance must I reserve a vehicle?

You can book on the spur-of-the-moment, or up to one year in advance. There is no standard or required time frame to arrange for a vehicle (50% of trips are booked on the same day that they’re taken). However, the further in advance you book, the more certain you will be of having a vehicle when you need it.

How often can I drive?

You can drive as often – or as little – as you like, no matter which plan you are in.

What is the busiest time of the week?

The busiest time of the week is Saturday 10am – 4pm followed by Sunday from 10am – 4pm. Although we usually have vehicles available during these periods, it may not be the closest vehicle to you. It is always a good idea to book as soon as you know that you want to drive.

How long am I allowed to have a vehicle?

AutoShare cars and vans are available for as little as 1 hour, or as long as you would like.

And how many times a week can I use it?

As many times as you like.

Can I take it for longer trips?

Of course. In fact, we offer an Automatic Discount called the “Daily” rate, which is comparable to renting a car for a 24hr period. AutoShare’s billing system automatically gives you the best price on any trip, and the daily rate kicks in at approximately 8 hours.

Can I pick up a car from one place, and drop it at another?

No. Vehicles must be returned to the lot they were they are picked up.

Can I go out of Province with AutoShare?

Yes, AutoShare vehicles can go anywhere in Canada or the USA.

Can I go to the USA with an AutoShare car?


Can someone who is not a member drive an AutoShare car?

No, only drivers approved as a driver on an account can drive an AutoShare vehicle.

How do I find an AutoShare vehicle?

Your online confirmation contains the exact vehicle location and a map of the neighbourhood. Members also have access to a detailed map and fleet list showing this information, which can be printed for easy reference.

How are fleet locations determined?

AutoShare stations vehicles based on member location, demand, transit access and new member interest. We are regularly growing our fleet to match membership growth.

What kind of vehicles are in the fleet?

AutoShare’s fleet is primarily great, efficient vehicles like the Mazda 3; Toyota Yaris & Matrix, Honda Fit, Nissan Cube and many more. Our vans are Dodge Cargo Grand Caravans (Cargo & 7-passenger). We also have Hybrids like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight and Electric Vehicles/Plug-in Hybrids like the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Imiev. We buy new vehicles every year to grow the fleet, and replace older models after about three to four years. The vehicles currently in Mississauga are the Toyota Prius and the Mazda 3.

Automatic or stick-shift?

All AutoShare cars are automatic (although some recent vehicles have a manual-shift option). All have air conditioning, too!

How about gas? Do I have to fill it after every use?

Not necessarily. Members are responsible for ensuring the tank is at least half full for the next user. If the gas level gets to ‘half’, the member uses an Esso gas card within the ComUnit to fill the tank back up to full. A personalized pin is issued to each gas card, which will appear on the ComUnit once pulled from the system. The gas card must be returned to the ComUnit after each use.

How do I get into an AutoShare vehicle?

Members have 24-hour, self-serve access to our vehicles through our security system via an access card. Once you have made a reservation, you can gain access and be driving in an instant.

How do I get the keys?

You do not need a key to get into AutoShare vehicles. Once a member, you receive an access card that you place on the windshield, which tells the ComUnit to unlock the door. You press the card on the same spot to lock the doors as well.

How does the insurance work?

AutoShare purchases insurance under a fleet plan that includes All Perils (Collision and Comprehensive), Third Party Liability ($2,000,000), Accident Benefits, Uninsured Automobile Coverage, and Family Protection Endorsement. All members are fully insured when they are driving AutoShare vehicles. In the event of an at-fault accident, the member at fault is responsible for the $750 deductible and out-of-service costs just as if she were driving a personally-owned vehicle. If the member is deemed not to be at-fault, then there are no costs to be paid.

How do we keep track of damage?

The members actually cross-check each other with a visual inspection before and after use. For reference, there is a damage diagram available in each vehicle in the Drive Guide.

What if I get a ticket or towed?

Car sharing is about sharing the costs and access to a vehicle. It is not about sharing responsibility for infraction costs. If you get a speeding, parking or other car related ticket, you’ll, as a member, have to pay for it. If the vehicle is towed or impounded while it is out in your name, you will have to pay for the costs incurred.

What happens if I return a car late?

AutoShare’s system works well because people bring the car back on time. Like a parking ticket, AutoShare fines members who are late to discourage this behaviour. If a member knows they will be late to return the vehicle, AutoShare urges members to call 416.840.4444 to let Member Services know of the late return. This way, we can coordinate with the next reservation.

What If I have a problem to report?

Our 24 hour customer centre is always available to help you with any issue affecting the vehicle or reservation.

How are the cars maintained?

AutoShare maintains a schedule of regular maintenance and inspections to be sure the cars are in good working order. You never have to worry about a thing.

Do I have to clean the cars?

That depends on what you’ve done with the car. The cars will be cleaned on a regular basis by AutoShare, but if you’ve made a mess, you’ll have to clean it. AutoShare will reimburse you for some of your time to take it to a car wash. You can use the Esso gas card within in the vehicle to wash it at any Esso Gas and Service Station. If you decide to not use an Esso station, AutoShare will remiburse you for the charges (and some of your time) once a receipt is submitted.

Can I smoke in the car?


Can I use a car for work-related tasks?

Yes, some members will use a car strictly for work-related tasks, in which case the AutoShare invoice represents a business expense. Self-employed consultants, NGO’s and service firms (architects, engineers, accountants etc.) will find this service a good way to reduce overhead costs.

Can my company join AutoShare?

Yes , please take a look at our rates to decide the best plan for you.

What are your criteria for membership?

To be an AutoShare driver you need to:

  1. At least 21 yrs old
  2. Hold full ‘G’ or ‘G2’ license (or equivalent)
  3. Have a valid drivers’ license (nor expired or suspended).

How much does it cost to join?

  • $29 Insurance Approval Fee per driver + HST

Can someone join with a Drivers License from another Country?

Yes – you may be eligible for membership if you can present your foreign license, international driver’s license, passport, credit card and proof of address for validation at the AutoShare office. Please contact us for more information: or call 416-340-7888.

The Government of Ontario does require residents to obtain an Ontario drivers license after 60 days of residency. If you would rather switch to an Ontario license, and then apply to become a member click here.

How do I join?

  1. Complete our Application form
  2. Fax or email the form back to AutoShare at (416) 340-0080 or

How long does it take to join?

A complete business application usually takes between 2 to 3 business days

Will a car be available every time?

Access to the entire fleet helps ensure that you can usually access a car to meet your needs, although it may not be your first choice. We strive to have a car available for all reservations, however it is not guaranteed.

Is AutoShare cheaper than renting a car?

Yes – it’s cheaper than renting for periods less than 24 hours. AutoShare is designed for trips that last a matter of hours, life’s everyday errands. BUT, AutoShare is NOT designed to be the cheapest rental car agency in town. We do offer members Automatic Discounts on longer trips, which are comparable to the cost of renting. Remember, insurance and gas is included in our prices.

How much money can we save by joining?

Your savings by joining depends directly on how much you drive. Most members spend less on AutoShare than they did on the previous method of providing employees with the ability to use a car for work related trips. And of course, AutoShare is the most affordable car sharing provider in Toronto.

For more information on how much you can save visit our Comparing Prices page.

Do employees build an insurance record with AutoShare?

No. Only members with a personal account build an insurance record with AutoShare. If you leave the service, we can provide you with a letter of coverage from our insurance company ($50), although this does not apply to employee-drivers of corporate accounts. This only applies to members who have been with AutoShare for 6+ months and for those who have a Canadian driver’s license.

What are the benefits of Car Sharing?

  • For Members – it means low cost access to a car when people need it. Car Sharing provides one of the cheapest alternatives to taxi’s and personal travel reimbursements.
  • For the Environment – it means improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gases and eventually, less asphalt.
  • For our Communities – it means safer streets, more support for transit, less traffic congestion and better mobility for everyone, especially low income earners.

Are there other car sharing organizations?

Yes, there are car sharing organizations throughout Europe and North America, with new organizations occasionally launching. For Canada, you’ll find an up-to-date list at

How much does insurance cost?

$0 – all insurance & gas costs are included. There is a $750 deductible (personal memberships) if your driver is deemed at fault by insurance, or opt for a $0 deductible for your drivers, by paying an extra annual fee (contact AutoShare for more information at 416.340.7888). Corporate accounts can opt for a $0 deductible option by paying $20/employee driver annually.

What does “Automatically Save on Long Trips” mean?

Longer trips are eligible for Automatic Discounts (flat rates), saving you up to 55%. The lowest rate for each trip will always be applied, meaning sometimes it’s cheaper to pay for 24 hours even if you only drive for 8 hours – but travel a great distance.

How do we pay?

Each trip’s cost is based on the time and distance driven, with rates based on the Rate Plan that you have selected. At the start of every month, we will send you an invoice for the previous month.

What is “Pay-As-You-Drive”?

Our Pay-As-You-Drive system bills the member organizations’ credit card after every trip that their drivers take. The organization will still get a detailed statement of driving, and payments, the following month. Please review our payment policy here. Eligible organizations can request once-a-month charges instead of pay-as-you-drive, please contact us for more information 416.340.7888

What other fees are involved?

If your drivers are responsible and courteous, there are no fees. AutoShare does have a system of late fines, similar to parking tickets, to encourage members to respect their reservations. Please see our Member Responsibilities and Welcome Page.

How do I pay?

Each trip’s cost is based on the time and distance driven, with rates based on the Rate Plan that you have selected. (We have Automatic Discounts like Daily rates and overnight rates, too.) At the start of every month, we will send you an invoice for the previous month.

Can baby seats be used in the cars?

Yes. We currently have child seat anchors installed in all cars.

And what about bike racks?

AutoShare does not yet have a system for storing and borrowing bike racks.

Can I bring my pet in a car?

Yes, 80% of our cars are ‘Pet Accessible’ but you must use a pet carrier, dog blanket etc. and vacuum as necessary. All cars must be treated with respect and there should never be any sign of your pet when your trip is finished. Please note that about 20% are Pet Free, and no pets may be brought with you.